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What do you call a former beauty queen who threw off her tiara, make up and high heels to become a barefoot, tree climbing, meditating, dirt loving, goat herding farm chick? A nutritionist,turned Agrarian-growing her own farm fresh REAL food,in the kitchen mixing up her own healing alchemy or beauty treatments from nature, and a former personal trainer who now prefers to lift a shovel instead of barbell and do a downward dog instead of Bootcamp. Well…a Primitive DIVA of course! Join my NEW adventure in2013 as I move to the farm for living and Growing wild, primitive and healthy in this modern crazy world.

Monday, November 18, 2013

A little Monday morning RESTORE

Good morning.....felt a little run down last week (sore throat, aches....) My awesome hubby left the country for a 3 week business trip and, well-- its a bit stressful managing all the people and critters around here single handedly. But, whatever it was, I knocked it out with a powerful blend of my favorite Mountain Rose herbal teas, adaptogenic herbs, Genesis specialized nutrients and minerals, DoTerra essential oils and REST!

So, I took it easy over the weekend with lots of reading, long walks,sunshine and some nourishing foods.

Thought today would be a great day for a "mini" RESTORE.  I started my day with a balance of immune builders and cleansing elixirs, while I enjoyed some quiet time and a much needed phone call from my best friend (my hubby). Ahhhh......such a great welcome to a Monday!  I will update my post through the day. But, know that I am busy in the kitchen preparing bone broth, kefir, green juices and raw soups to infuse and build my body with PURE goodness! 

I have a half gallon of raw goat kefir to enjoy today. It will flood my body with enzymes, protein and beneficial bacteria! 

Here is my strawberry kefir, sooo delicious.

I have a pot of bone broth on the stove (24 hours and counting) today's is Two Roosters soup. It is loaded with veggies and every herb in my garden( it smells divine) and yes, two roosters that were misbehaving (sorry, it's a fact of life-- overly "amorous" roosters can mame or kill your chickens. So, warned, haha!)

And off to blend up a beautiful green smoothies to enjoy at lunch,with a boost of PURE Greens and Fresh Pomegranate (a fall favorite!)

How are you loving yourself today?